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Now, you will be able to host any domain name from any country any language from all over the world such as .eu, .uk, Etc… no exception, and you do not have to change your registrar, simply change "DNS"domain name server and you are ready to host.
Setup your new web hosting account ,and test for 30 days if you are not 100% satisfied.30 days money back guarantee You can cancel it at any time even if you just want to cancel with no reason and you will receive your money back right after.
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Different Scripts in each site - Asp. Net, ASP, PHP, CGI, ETC..
You have developed a website and want to run an ASP script with ASP.Net , along with a PHP script and maybe even use CGI script and PHP script connecting to a SQL Server and MySQL database and the ASP and ASP.Net hosting Script connecting to the same MySQL and SQL Server databases. You can do all of this and more in your new windows hosting account.You can use all the different scripting engines - ASP, ASP.Net , PHP latest with MySQL or MS SQL Server and Access databases. when you setup your account account, all of this is ready to go. You can choose ASP.Net and PHP versions from your control panel with changes made instantly.
Windows Hosting Specialists. has been running hosting service since 2004. We're one of the best Windows hosting providers. Every time technology changed our hosting customers got the latest Windows technology as soon as it was released without frustration. You can plan your website developments knowing you'll get access to the latest hosting technology as soon as it is available.Your sites and projects are in good hands. We've experienced all the changes from early windows servers versions to Windows 2003/2008. We've supported all Asp versions since ASP 1 through latest.We've also handled all the hosting technology changes from FrontPage 1 to Microsoft SharePoint Services. When SQL Server became affordable for shared hosting customers back in 2004 we helped hundreds of clients migrate their databases.We have an extensive history and experience with all Hosting services/ Windows technology. You'll find us the best choice for PHP hosting, ASP.Net hosting and ASP hosting solutions.
Asp .net, Ajax
ASP.NET makes building real world Web applications dramatically easier on Windows Servers. As an ASP hosting provider we allow you to choose your version.AJAX ASP.NET framework for quickly creating a new generation of more efficient and interactive Web experiences that work across all the most popular browsers. With ASP.NET AJAX youcreate next-generation interfaces with reusable AJAX components.Enhance existing pages using powerful AJAX controls with support for all modern browsers.Continue using Visual Studio to take your ASP.NET sites to the next level.Access remote services and data from the browser without tons of complicated script.
HostDone Inc. has offered the best and Cheap Web Hosting in market without loosing a quality of web hosting service and performance. Our cheap website hosting services have received honors for best uptime performance and top customer care. Discover the Lowest service prices in hosting without loosing quality of service.
ALL UPDATED NEW Asp .Net PLANS Asp .Net Personal Asp .Net Standard Asp .Net Advanced Asp .Net Professional Asp .Net Developer
24 Month Price        ( Best Value) $2.75/Month $5.49/Month $8.99/Month $12.99/Month $16.99/Month
Package (24 Month Billing Cycle) $66 $131.76 $215.76 $311.76 $407.76
Discounted  20% OFF, 24 Month   You Pay ... $52.80 $105.41 $172.61 $249.41 $326.21
12 Month Price        ( Most Popular ) $3.75/Month $6.49/Month $9.99/Month $13.99/Month $17.99/Month
Package (12 Month Billing Cycle) $45.00 $77.88 $119.88 $167.88 $215.88
Discounted  20% OFF, 12 Month  You Pay ... $36.00 $62.30 $95.90 $134.30 $172.70
6 Month Price. $4.75/Month $7.49/Month $10.99/Month $14.99/Month $18.99/Month
Package ( 6 Month Billing Cycle) $28.50 $44.94 $65.94 $89.94 $113.94
Discounted  20% OFF, 6 Month  You Pay  ... $22.80 $35.95 $52.75 $71.95 $91.15
3 Month Price. $5.75/Month  $8.49/Month $11.99/Month $15.99/Month $19.99/Month
Package ( 3 Month Billing Cycle) $17.25 $25.47 $35.97 $47.97 $59.97
Discounted  20% OFF, 3 Month   You Pay ... $13.80 $20.38 $28.78 $38.38 $47.98
Setup Fee None None None None None
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24 x 7 Support Info
%99.95 Uptime Info
Server Specifications Info
Daily Backups Info
30 Day money back Guarantee Info
Easy Control panel Info
Multi-Language Support Info  
Resources Availability        
Summary Disk Space   Info 50 GB 300 GB 500 GB  700  GB Unlimited
Bandwidth (GB/month) Info 200 GB/M 500 GB/M 800 GB/M 1000 GB/M Unlimited
Domain & DNS Availability        
Domains Allowed Info 1 5 15 30 Unlimited
Sub Domains Info 5 10 30 100 Unlimited
Domain Alias Info 5 10 30 100 Unlimited
Domain Pointing/Parking Info 5 10 30 100 Unlimited
Modify DNS Records Info Unlimited
Dedicated IP's Info Add on. Add on.
Dedicated Application Pools Info
Dedicated Web Application Info
Web Services Availability        
IIS7,IIS7.5 , ASP.NET  2.0, 3.5, 4.0 Info
ASP Standard Info
Cold Fusion 7 Info
FrontPage Extensions Info
FTP Account Info
FTP sub-accounts Info 5 10 30 40 100
File Manager Info
Password Protected Files Info
Redirect URL Info  
Directory Indexes Info
Server-Side Image map Info  
Server-Side Includes Info
CGI-BIN Info  
Custom Error Pages Info
Custom MIME Info  
PHP 5.xx Info
Perl5 Info
Image Magic Info  
Site Studio Info
Email Services Availability        
Email Boxes    Info 100 Free 200 Free 400 Free Unlimited Unlimited
Mail Forwards Info
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Auto responders Info
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Mail Forward Info
Mailing Lists Info  
Catch-All Mail Box Info
Horde Info  
SqWebMail Info
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Anti Virus Protection Info
Modify MX Records Info  
SPF Configuration Info
Statistic Tools Availability        
Referrer Log Info
Agent Log Info
Raw Log Access Info
Webalizer Info
ModLogan Info
Transfer Log Info
Awstats Info  
DataBase Availability        
MySql DatabaseInfo 2 Databases 5  Databases
7 Databases
11 Databases
25 Databases
Database Users Info
phpMyAdmin Info
MsSql 2008 Info 2 Databases 5  Databases
8 Databases
14 Databases
25 Databases
Mssql Database size MB 200MB/ each DB 500MB/each DB 1000MB/each DB 5000MB/each DB 6000MB/each DB
ASP Enterprise Manager Info
SQL Server Management Studio Express Info
DNS/ODBC Resources Info
MS Access Databases Info
E-commerce Opions Availability        
Easy cart Info
E-comm Pro cart Info
CubeCart Info
Secure Pages (Shared SSL) Info Add on.
Private SSL Certificate Info SSL Certificate pricing SSL Certificate pricing SSL Certificate pricing SSL Certificate pricing SSL Certificate pricing
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Joomla! Info
WordPress Info
OpenX Info
phpGroupWare Info
CubeCart Info
XMB Forum Info
phpBB2 Info  
phpMyChat Info
Pro Site Counter Info  
Mambo CMS Info
b2evolution Info  
Advanced Poll Info
Coppermine Photo Gallery Info  
PHP Wiki Info
SugarSale Info  
FeedOnFeeds Info
sRecommender Info  
helpCenterLive Info
phpESP Info
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phpNuke Info
phpAdsNew Info
SiteBar Info  
Web Cards Info
Xoops Info  
phpMyFAQ Info
CS Live Helper Info  
Gallery Info
SM Forum Info  
osCommerce2 Info
PHProjekt Info  
e107 Info
vtiger Info  
WebCalnedar Info
  Add-on Features Prices  
  Dedicated IP Address $2.00 /Month
  Domain Registration: (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .name) $9.99 /Year
*The Number of domains that you can host in your account plan.
* Add-ons can be ordered directly from your web-based control panel fully  
      automated system