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Easy to use web interface that allows you staff to maintain your web hosting system from any computer with internet connection.
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You can host domains from any country, extensions, we are hosting thousands of domains from all over the world including .uk, .be, .eu, .mk, .es,
.mx and all other extensions. Only change name server "DNS" for your domain name and your are good to go...
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When we say multiple or unlimited sites, we mean multiple Websites not point domain, and you can resell each and every one of the sites available in your Linux and Windows hosting plan. Each website comes with its own custom error pages, mail server, and log file directory .
Network - Our Servers (NOC) are right on the US Backbone out of California, giving fast access from all over the world.
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What's new in HostDone Website builder Version 4

News Update

New step5 interface
Step5 interface has been changed using latest AJAX technology
Shortcut menu and help
Shortcut menu and help Each step will contains a shortcut menu, screenshot and flash tutorials

FAQ (knowledgebase system) is a database-driven FAQ-system with a WYSIWYG editor, RSS feeds, built-in spam protection systems.
Blog component gives the user an easy way to maintain an online diary, webblog or even a complete homepage.
Newsletter component is available. It enable website visitor subcribe to the list, and website owner send email to the subscriber by login as admin on the website.
DIY Template
is an innovative system allowing you build HostDone Website builder template easier and faster.Just a few click to build a new template. You can add your own header banner, change background, navigator, body, and footer color. You can be a professional web designer with minimum knowledge.
Missing project recovering
No lost of the data. Database collapse or forgot to move HostDone Website builder database after moving the server will no longer be the problem.
  • UTF-8 only, easier to create multi-lingual web site

New Form Editor
  • WYSIWYG form editor
  • Flies Attachment

New Publish and Preview System
  • No timeout issue
  • Verbose error handling
  • Faster to publish
  • Not overwrite page which not change
  • Reduce required space to publish and preview to 5% of project size

Other Features
  • New tryout web site
  • Search template in step2
  • Top page with the sub page can be set as anchor link instead of full page
  • User registration and login system
  • Loading speed
  • JS, CSS, PHP place holder
  • New layout template

New Backup System
  • No timeout issue
  • Verbose error handling
  • Security enhancement

  • Compact and easy to use formats
  • Variety of color themes with color & graphic formats
  • Additional navigator formats which can be selected position of side 1 and side 2
  • Able to resize height of header banner
  • Advanced with more dimensions design of templates

New Interface Design